Coping with Exam Anxiety...

Free Toolkit to help reduce stress and anxiety during exams

What is Exam Anxiety ?

Feeling nervous or anxious especially around an upcoming exam, assessment, performance or even an interview ?

This is a common and natural response - many students like you will face it. In fact, a bit of anxiety and stress is crucial to our overall performance - it mentally helps us to work harder, be more alert and focused - pushing our selves to achieve better.

However if these feelings of stress and anxiety become too overwhelming, this can lead to a negative impact on our performance, and even our mental and physical health. 

I have created a few short videos to help you manage and cope with feelings of stress and anxiety.  These techniques will help you feel more relaxed, which can ease tension. 

I encourage you to practice these techniques frequently - as with more practice, your body will learn to relax and reduce tension more quickly and easily.

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